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State of the art facility to get and stay fit for just $19.99 per month. Each club provides members a one-stop-shop with everything from cardio to weight training, group classes to child sitting.

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Monetary Muscle

Owners Can Count on It

Predictable monthly income from membership base. Multiple revenue centers including Retro Blends Juice Bar, Personal Training and Group Fitness grow bottom line earnings.

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Investor Friendly Model

Investor-Friendly Model

A flexible, manager run business with a streamlined and simple set of operations. Dedicated support from industry experts in every stage of development to ensure a smooth road to success.

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The Time is Right

People are watching their pocketbooks and waistlines today more than ever. Ideal for a high value, low cost gym concept like Retro Fitness.

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The Gym Concept with Monetary Muscle

Average gross sales per unit for the top 10% of Retro Fitness clubs
Average EBITDA reported by Top 10% of Retro Fitness franchise owners
Membership base at the average club (Top 10% have over 5,800)
Average revenue per square foot for the Top 10% of Retro clubs

The top 10% of Retro Fitness Clubs Avg. Gross Sales, Avg. EBITDA and Avg. Rev. Per Sq. Ft. numbers as published in Item 19 of the Retro Fitness 2018 Franchise Disclosure Document. Read Item 19 in its entirety for important defined terms, assumptions and qualifiers relating to these figures.

A Fit For Everyone

At Retro Fitness, it comes down to quality. Quality in the brand, the facility, the support, the corporate team, the training, the ongoing operational assistance. But what tells the story better than anything is the quality of our franchise owners. Smart, savvy and successful, they recognized a great opportunity. They jumped on it. And now they are enjoying the results. This diverse group of franchisees includes professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, C-level executives, multi-brand entrepreneurs and even a former NFL quarterback. They’ve all chosen Retro Fitness to grow and expand their portfolios. Listen to their stories below:

Megan Sweitzer

Franchise Owner - Holmes and East Norriton, PA

Now that I have two successful gyms open, I tell people interested in opening a Retro Fitness that this model is strong. When I was in their shoes, my research proved to me that this model works... so why try to reinvent the wheel? If you work with Retro corporate, you will be successful. They've been successful at other locations, so that's exactly what I've done to achieve success.

Monetary Muscle

Warren DeStefano

Franchise Owner - Clark, NJ and Glendale, NY

I knew nothing about the gym business when analysing the Retro Fitness business model. What was great for me was that Retro Fitness actually held my hand step-by-step throughout the entire process including real estate, construction, operations and everything in between. They teach you everything you need to know to open and operate the business and coming from the newspaper industry, I needed that support.

Investor Friendly Model

Bevan and Jaley Cox

Franchise Owners - Cedar City, UT

Our return on investment as a Retro Fitness owner has been strong and profitable. One of the main reasons for that is the multiple profit centers existing in our club above and beyond our membership base like Retro Blends juice bar, personal training, supplements, tanning and child sitting. It's great to know that we have revenue coming in from other areas of the club that allow us to maximize returns.

Bob Polizzano and Bob Polizzano Jr

Franchise Owners - Philadelphia, PA

I wanted to purchase a franchise that my son and I could grow with and build our own mini-empire. We found that with Retro Fitness. The new “Retro 2.0” model has allowed us to build our bottom line above and beyond the basic $19.99 membership. The “TEAM” and “STRONG” programs are cutting edge fitness classes that give members the ability to expand on their fitness and take it to the next level. What sets Retro apart from other concepts is that corporate is always looking to grow and improve the model. They are never satisfied with the “status quo.”

Dedicated Support Services

  • Comprehensive assistance in site selection
  • Prototypical design and conceptual layout
  • Virtual and in-person training for franchisees and key managers
  • Initial management training and ongoing business consultation
  • Pre-sale support on how to best recruit and acquire members prior to grand opening
  • Access to corporate management team for business review and performance analysis
  • Regular consultation visits
  • Dedicated marketing staff ready to assist with marketing and social media planning
  • Vendor partnerships and negotiated pricing assistance with major brands like Life Fitness®, Star Trac® and Under Armour®

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Each Retro Fitness club provides a unique combination of an affordable, $19.99 per month membership with state-of-the-art fitness facilities that feature 60-75 pieces of cardio equipment with personal LCD television screens, three different types of circuit training equipment, the Retro Movie Theater, Retro Blends Juice Bar, Fierce Nutritionals, group classes, personal training, child sitting, tanning and pro shop with Under Armour apparel making Retro Fitness more than just your average gym. Click arrows below to tour a prototypical Retro Fitness facility.


Retro Fitness puts you in the right space at the right time. Even during times of economic challenges, the fitness center industry remains strong. In fact, U.S. health club industry revenues for 2013 totaled $22.4 billion. And industry analysts predict a steady growth in the demand for health, wellness and fitness among all demographic groups-from Millennials to Baby Boomers.

Retro Fitness offers you an incredible opportunity to leverage the potential of the fitness industry and is currently on track to grow to 700+ locations by 2020.


In a world where what you see is not always what you get, there's one franchise that delivers on its promise of delivering a high return on investment for franchise owners along with a life-changing opportunity for your members... Retro Fitness. How? It comes down to quality. Quality in the brand, the facility, the training and the ongoing operational support provided by the Retro Fitness corporate team. Equally as important, Retro Fitness provides your members the ability to transform their lives by embarking on a unique fitness journey that can improve the quality of their life physically, mentally and emotionally. Please click the video below to learn more about how...We Get You.

Retro Fitness - At A Glance

  • History: Founded in 2005: Franchising since 2006
  • Total Operating Units: 150 and growing
  • Multi-Unit Franchisee Operating Units: 55%
  • Earnings Claim: Yes; Full Item 19 available
  • Build-Out Options: Inline and Free-Standing
  • Available Territories: All 50 States


How much does it cost to open a Retro Fitness franchise?

The total project cost of a Retro Fitness club varies from $944,000 to $1,592,250 depending on the size of the space.

What is the estimated initial cash or liquid assets I will need to have?

You will need minimum liquid assets of $300k and a net worth of $1.5MM either individually or cumulatively amongst a group of investors to obtain necessary bank financing.

Does Retro Fitness assist in the design and equipping of my gym?

Yes, Retro Fitness has a "Design Standards Manual" sample floor plan designs and architectural resources to assist in keeping the consistency of the Retro Fitness brand the same throughout the franchise system. In addition, Retro Fitness has a standard equipment package from the industry's leading manufacturers with substantial discounts to ensure the member experience is similar across all Retro clubs.

Do you offer training?

Yes, we provide training for opening and ongoing operation of your Retro Fitness club. It begins with eight days of training at our corporate headquarteres, followed by another eight days of training at your location. Then we stay connected through regular training of your management and staff.

What is the availability of a Retro Fitness location in my area?

Retro Fitness locations are available in all 50 states. The availability of territories will be discussed in full detail prior to signing a franchise agreement.

What are the size requirements for a Retro Fitness Outlet?

A typical Retro Fitness outlet is approximately 12,000 to 20,000 square feet and is determined based upon site availability in your preferred market.

Do I need to have prior experience in the gym or fitness industry?

No. In fact, many of our franchisees come from diverse industries and backgrounds with little to no previous industry experience. We will help you hire and train a qualified, knowledgeable team of fitness professionals to best manage club operations.

What are the ongoing royalty fees a franchisee must pay?

5% royalty from the franchised outlet's total gross revenue.

How much money can I make?

Profitability will vary considerably depending upon such factors as: location, operating costs, financing terms, your ability to manage and control the business, sales and other factors. We do not predict sales or profits for any new locations. We encourage you to discuss this with existing franchisees and your personal advisors.

Will Retro help with the financing process for opening a franchise?

Yes, our dedicated financial broker will work with you in reviewing your finances to determine the best products and services available for financing your Retro Fitness franchise through a network of lenders.

As Seen on CBS's Undercover Boss

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Retro Fitness has been consistently recognized as one of the nation's top franchises by numerous publications. This is the primary reason why our franchise opportunity has been talked about in Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Rolling Stone and The Wall Street Journal along with being featured on MTV, CNN, Fox News and the hit CBS reality series Undercover Boss. See below for the latest news about Retro Fitness.

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You will need a Net Worth of $1,500,000 and maintain $300,000 in liquidity either individually or cumulatively amongst a group of investors in order to meet minimum financial requirements for a Retro Fitness franchise.