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Coronavirus Update &
Club Re-openings

update on coronavirus & club reopenings

Dear Retro Family,

On behalf of the entire team at Retro Fitness, we’d like to take a moment to again thank you for your loyalty and support during these unusual times. Gyms have now been opened in every state, and we want to report that we have been Covid-free in our health and fitness clubs for months. In addition to following the CDC and State Guidelines for reopening, as a brand, we have created our own reopening compliance certification to ensure that all of our members and staff remain safe and healthy.

We’ve made a few updates to your Retro Fitness gyms so we can keep everyone safe and healthy. Aside from following all CDC guidelines, and the Governor’s guidelines, we have created our own brand Health & Safety Pledge, which includes:


  • We comply with all Federal, State and Local Government guidelines of cleanliness and safety.
  • Every club has been certified by Retro Fitness Corporate as meeting our own standards which meet, and in many cases exceed, local guidelines.
  • We follow all social distancing requirements at all times, and you will find spacing requirements posted throughout the club. This has not affected any of our open clubs.
  • Reduced class sizes means you may have the option to partake in classes outdoors.
  • In most of our clubs you will be required to wear a mask at all times [New York and New Jersey have made this essential]. Simple to do during this time, hoping a vaccine is approved for America.
  • All members in New York must take an entry questionnaire for everyone’s protection.
  • Touchless entry
  • Counts of members in house to ensure occupancy and social distancing.


  • We are providing masks, gloves and protective equipment to our staff for member safety.
  • We will maintain reduced occupancy levels to comply with social distancing requirements.


  • All staff members are fully certified in Retro Fitness and Government policies including reporting unusual levels of perspiration, coughing, and sneezing by anyone at the gym.
  • Staff member dedicated solely to cleaning of club during all hours of operation who will wear a red safety vest.


  • Use hospital-grade cleaners to continuously and thoroughly clean the entire gym.
  • Reduce contact points through touchless scan check-ins and pre-order smoothies.
  • Keep sanitization stations filled and easily accessible throughout the entire gym.
  • Thoughtfully monitor member health through continuous engagement and communication.
  • Perform a special deep cleaning of the entire facility every night.

You can learn more about our approach to opening, details on how we’re making our gyms safe, and ways we’re supporting our employees, members, and communities on our website.

Again, thank you for your continued loyalty. We look forward to pursuing your fitness journey together at a time where fitness and health is our most needed asset.

In Good Health,
Retro Fitness

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