A Healthy Company Is All About Healthy Employees

We know that after a pandemic, people understand the importance of exercise, health and fitness in order to increase immunity, have higher energy levels and reduce stress.

At Retro Fitness, we help companies develop strong health and wellness programs to bring mental and physical health to employees helping them increase their productivity in a smart way.

Why Corporate Wellness Programs are so Critical for Companies

A corporate partnership with Retro Fitness reduces absenteeism while retaining employees through engagement and workplace satisfaction. In addition, we understand that healthier employees have fewer medical expenses which not only benefits employees but also the high costs of healthcare.

70% – 90%

Percentage of chronic conditions are preventable through lifestyle changes. At Retro Fitness we offer a holistic view of health taking the fitness journey inside and outside the four walls of our clubs leveraging partnerships with mental health leaders, certified nutritionists, professional chefs and at home workouts further expanding exercise health and fitness into other areas as critical as exercise in our clubs.

For Your Employees

Retro Fitness offers your employees great benefits

  • $0 Joining Fees – Yes, we waive enrollment fees on specific memberships to make it easier to get substantial participation in Corporate Wellness Programs.
  • Reduced Dues – Those who enroll will receive a reduced monthly payment to ensure continuous health options for your team
  • New-Member Benefits – Perks include a complimentary Fitness Assessment and perks around town for each member along with access to mental health, healthy cooking, nutrition and at home work outs via our state-of-the-art mobile app.  It is the holistic approach that keeps members coming back to Retro Fitness.

For Your Company

Here are just a few ways your organization can benefit from the Retro Fitness Corporate Wellness Program.

  • Recruit and Retain Top Talent – Show employees you’re invested in their health and wellness
  • Lower Healthcare Costs – Healthier employees have fewer medical bills, saving your company healthcare costs
  • Turnkey Administration- We offer simple enrollment and provide monthly reporting