Across the board, every gym and/or fitness brand sees a spike in memberships in the first quarter of the year, with consumers starting the year off strong with new year resolutions and a serious commitment to reaching their health and wellness goals. While this is a natural seasonal spike in the industry, here are the anticipated 2019 fitness trends in the $30 billon industry — with a mix of both new experiences and traditional standards back in popularity.

Consumers are seeking high-value, personalized fitness options and flexibility. We saw this with the success of services like Class Pass and people having more than one fitness membership. People want the flexibility to be able to catch a spin class with their friends, train for a team warrior competition and still enjoy a workout independently in a traditional gym setting. To avoid muscle memory and boredom, members need more than one experience to stimulate and challenge their mind and body. While they want their fitness level to improve, once the body catches up, they will need a new workout experience to tackle.

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