Cancellation Policy

We are sorry to see you go and would love the opportunity to keep you as a valued member of the Retro Fitness Family.  Tell us how we can keep you happy and we will do our best to make it happen.

Cancelling at Retro Fitness is simple.
1) You can walk into the club where you joined with a signed letter asking us to cancel your membership.  Write the letter on your computer, include the date, your full name, address and member number, hit print, and bring it into the club manager or owner where you joined.  Don’t forget to sign it.  2) If you can’t come to your the club where you signed up, just send the Club a signed letter with your name and address and membership number through United States Postal Office Certified Mail requesting that your membership be cancelled with the date of your requested cancellation on the letter.

Why Certified Mail?
We get loads of mail, so and we want to make sure we have seen it and are able to quickly handle your request.  This will ensure that we sign receipt of your letter, and it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Here’s how it works:

  • Within the first three days of signing your membership agreement, you can cancel with no penalties.
  • Within the first year of your contract, but after the first three days, you can cancel at any time by paying three months of your membership, or the remaining part of your 12-month membership, whichever is less. You are free to use the Retro Fitness Facilities during this cancellation period.  How can you cancel?  Just bring us your cancellation letter, dated and signed, give it to the gym owner at the gym, and give us a chance to keep you as a valued part of our Retro Fitness Family.
  • After 12 months, you can cancel with 7 days’ notice by bringing a signed letter to the gym manager. Why 7 days? It just takes us that long to get everything out of our systems.  Again, we want to keep you as part of our Retro Fitness Family and would appreciate some direct feedback to see if we can change your mind.

We love our members and want them to be happy. That’s why we have created one of the most member-friendly cancellation policies in the industry.  We’re not done with trying to make it better every day.  With feedback from our members, we commit to making the changes necessary to GET REAL about membership and the happiness of our members.