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"May be the fastest growing spiritual practice on the planet"

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Are you Ready to Drop Some Stress?

Of all the exercise programs to choose from, mental gymnastics is the one to AVOID—at all costs! Because a mind that’s caught up in the past or future is an exhausted one.

Would you run a marathon on a sprained ankle?
(We hope the answer is no!)

So why function in the daily grind with a mind that’s constantly strained by life’s responsibilities?

In this new partnership with the Art of Living, you’ll get the chance to experience the power of breathwork & meditation. Discover how to quiet your mind and feel deeply rested, within minutes.

A strong mind can carry a weak
body but a weak mind cannot carry
even a strong body.

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Evidence-Based Research
on the Art of Living’s SKY Breath Meditation Technique

More than 100 independent studies have been published in peer-reviewed journals confirming a comprehensive range of benefits, including reduced levels of anxiety and depression, better sleep, and enhanced brain, hormone, immune, and cardiovascular function.

Immune Cell Count
in lymphocytes in 6 weeks &
remained in the normal range
Stress Hormone
in serum cortisol
in 2 weeks
Life Satisfaction
within 1 week

Discover the Art of Living

The Art of Living is a nonprofit, educational, and humanitarian organization that helps individuals bolster their mental health, relieve stress, and build resilience through evidence-based techniques and training. Since its inception in 1981, the Art of Living has touched the lives of over 500 million people across 180 countries.


Meet the Founder, Gurudev

Meet the Founder, Gurudev

Gurudev is a global humanitarian, spiritual leader, and peace envoy, who has been teaching breath-based meditation techniques for health and well-being for more than 40 years. His approach blends ancient Vedic wisdom with modern sensibility for a new paradigm of leadership and living – a stress-free, violence-free society.

Through Gurudev’s programs, millions of people worldwide have found peace and resilience in the face of adversity, learning not only how to excel in their own lives, but also how to become powerful agents for social change.