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We offer personal training, small group strength & conditioning sessions and team workouts to help you get real with your goals. Most of our personal training programs are heart rate monitored for safe and powerful sessions. Check out your local Retro Fitness gym to see what we can do for you.


Conquer your goals with our certified personal trainers. ONE sessions are customized programs that make every rep count.

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Interested in the high energy and healthy competition of a group workout? Our STRONG training gives you the support of group fitness along with the individualized attention you get from a personal trainer.

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Feel like being a part of something bigger? Our TEAM conditioning provides a high-energy training curriculum in a large group fitness atmosphere. Together everyone achieves more.

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We’ll keep your training on track with state of the art tech and gym equipment, gamification of workouts, heart rate monitoring, nutritional analysis, and a rewards program that will help you push forward.

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We pride ourselves on offering customized fitness programs for everyone, no matter what your goals are or your fitness level. Please get in touch with your local gym for more information, as personal training and group fitness offerings vary by gym.

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