At Retro Fitness, we believe the choices you make today are the results you’ll see tomorrow. Try us out today and see for yourself how we can help you reach your goals, your way.

It's You

Yesterday’s finish line is just today’s starting line.

For us, each day is simply another rep, another set leading to a happier, healthier, future you.

Retro Fitness is built on the idea that you can make progress every day, no matter where you start.

So look back with confidence but keep pushing forward.

The future you will thank you for the hustle.

Your Goals Your Way

We’ll help you customize your fitness experience with dynamic training programs that keep you on track

We Got Your Back

We’ll keep you motivated with an engaged community, serious workouts and supportive teamwork

All in one place

We got all kinds of classes and fitness experiences for maximum value and convenience

You can
Count on

Our number one goal is making sure you keep yours, with proven ways to track your progress. Retro offers state of the art tech and equipment, heart rate monitoring, nutritional analysis, and a rewards program designed to keep you on track.

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Eric Casaburi


Driven by his passion to see every Retro member become their best and strongest self, Eric has created one of the most successful gym franchises in the U.S. and continues to be at the industry forefront; discovering, developing, and vetting equipment and workout programs for Retro’s owners and members.

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